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Lena Lighting

One of the foundations of Lena Lighting’s success is high quality of the fittings we produce. Since 2005, the Company has been operating within the ISO 9001:2000 system. Our specialists from the Development Department are constantly working on increasing quality standards. Our fittings meet very high norms for international certificates, which results in their reliability, long life cycle and energy-efficiency. Electronic systems increase the energy efficiency, at the same time improving the illumination quality. The use of energy-efficient fluorescent lamps and LEDs as sources of light gives us significant economic and environmental benefits. In 2006, Wielkopolskie Stowarzyszenie Badań nad Jakością (Wielkopolska Assiciation for Quality Research) has again awarded the Company with Najwyższa Jakość (Highest Quality) programme certificate.
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POWER UP – power tools for more demanding DIY. The brand's features are good quality and prices. It includes ex. impact drills, grinders, rotary hammers, water pumps, electric pressure washers, hot air guns, planers, glue guns and soldering guns.
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STORCH develops, manufactures and provides you with tools, machinery, auxiliaries and corresponding services for the painting, decorating and plastering trade. STORCH supplies you with both, single products and complete system solutions. We have just one goal: we want to increase the productivity and profitability of your company through more effective work procedures or by savings when buying the tools you need. The STORCH service is an important support to you.
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Full program of garden tools and power tools. Wide range of tools under this brand consist of almost all products necessary in a garden. It is placed in the middle class of products. Brand includes pruners, shears, saws, axes, water program, garden power tools, gasoline tools, spades and rakes.
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Mēs piedāvājam augstākās klases tehnoloģijas, pakalpojumus un izcilu kvalitāti. Ar gandrīz 60 atrašanās vietām visā pasaulē mēs vienmēr esam ērti pieejami mūsu klientiem. Mūsu darbības jomas ir: Instrumenti profesionāļiem; Instrumenti amatieriem; Instrumenti darbam dārzā.
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FARAONE GROUP ir līderis kāpņu, platformu un sastatņu ražošanā. Uzņēmuma mērķis ir būt labākie, tādēļ uzņēmuma vadība nepārtraukti nodarbojas ar uzņēmuma profesionālo modernizāciju. Faraone Group, sen pāršķērsojot nacionāla tirgus robežas, ir iekārojis labas pozīcijas pasaules tirgū, pateicoties produktu kvalitātei un konkurentspējīgām preču piedāvājumam. Uzņēmumam ir divi biroji – Polijā un Danijā.
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Edsbyn, situated in the heart of the Swedish forest country, about 300 km NW of Stockholm, has long been a centre for forestry craft industry associated with timber and wood industries. In the past, forestry workers from the surrounding villages travelled to Edsbyn to purchase their tools or to have them repaired by the local blacksmith. Quite often they also brought with them own ideas and views on how to design and improve existing tools. This lead to a natural development of the tool industry in the region. In the middle of the 20th century, Edsbyn had several small industries, making axes, saws, and different hand tools for forestry workers. Today, G-Man Tools AB is proudly carrying on the tradition of saw making, maintaining the high quality, by the use of Swedish raw material and modern manufacturing techniques.
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Предприятие KRAUSE в городе Альсфельд, германской земли Гессен, было основано в 1900 году и имеет уже вековые традиции в области производства и сбыта подъёмных конструкций и сооружений. За это время динамично развивающаяся фирма выросла в признанную на интернациональном рынке международную группу предприятий с промышленными и торговыми филиалами в Польше, Венгрии, России и Швейцарии. Среди прочего в нашем обширном ассортименте представлены пожарные лестницы, стремянки диэлектрические из стекловолокна, стремянки алюминиевые, деревянные, анодированные, лестницы универсальные и раздвижные, телескопические стремянки, шарнирные лестницы-трансформеры и многое другое.
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Zināšanas zāģēšanas instrumenta un tehnoloģiju jomā ļauj uzņēmumam atrast un piedāvāt klientam optimālāko risinājumu zāģēšanas jautājumos. MPS darbojas uz uzticības un sadarbības ar klientu principiem, kas deva kompānijai izaugsmes iespējas. MPS ir zīmols, kas nodrošina uzticību un novatoriskumu.
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Jau kopš 1991. gada Latvijas ražošanas komercfirma "NOOK, LTD" ir specializēts zāģripu ar cietkausējuma plāksnītēm, tērauda zāģripu, zāģu vertikālajiem gateriem un ēvelnažu ražotājs. Zāģripu izgatavošanai uzņēmumā tiek izmantotas jaunākās ražošanas iekārtas un tiek izgatavots vairāk nekā 400 zāģripu veidu diametrā no 80 līdz 800 mm. Uzņēmums ražo zāģripas mitras, sausas, cietas koksnes, skaidu plates, MDF plātnes, presētā kartona plātnes, lamināta plātnes, papīra, plastikas un alumīnija profilu griešanai, zāģripas ar dažādu zobu daudzumu, dažādiem profiliem un asinājuma leņķiem, ar jebkura izmēra iekšējo diametru, ar dažādām kiļrievām, stiprinājuma urbumiem, ar dažādiem stiprinājuma veidiem, ar skaidu izmetējiem, ar siltuma kompensatoriem, siltuma kabatām, vara kniedēm. Uzņēmums veic zāģripu ar cietkausējuma plāksnītēm remontu un asināšanu kā arī, tiek izgatavotas nestandarta zāģripas un cita veida produkcija pēc klienta pasūtījuma un rasējumiem.
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Paroc Group leads the way in energy efficient insulation products and solutions. Our expertise in energy efficiency and efficient utilisation of processes supporting this form the basis of everything we do. Paroc Group is owned by a number of institutional investors, with a minority shareholding owned by Paroc's employees. Net sales in 2010 amounted to EUR 348 million and personnel in average 1 945 persons. The PAROC® product range includes building insulation, technical insulation, marine insulation, structural stone wool sandwich panels and acoustics products. The company operates in 13 countries across Europe, with production facilities in Finland, Sweden, Lithuania and Poland. The head office is located in Helsinki, Finland.
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Itāļu uzņēmums GAV nodarbojas ar krāsu smidzinātāju ražošanu kopš 1974.gada. GAV krāsu smidzinātāji ir paredzēti gan profesionālai lietošanai, gan amatieriem. Ražotas produkcijas sortimentā ir arī pneimatiskā aprīkojuma aksesuāri, savienojuma šļūtenes, fitingi, spiediena regulētāji, pneimatiskās pistoles un gaisa attīrīšanas filtri. GAV ražojuma profesionālie krāsas smidzinātāji tiek paredzēti dažādiem krāsošanas darbiem. Krāsas smidzinātājiem ir smalkas smidzināšanas regulēšanas spējas. Ar sprauslas uzgriežņa palīdzību ir iespējams regulēt gaisa patēriņu un krāsas padošanu.
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Firmness, perfection of implementation, perfect materials, steel of high quality then there are technical signs of products of YATO, suggestion of which touches three areas: service, building and garden. The hand and pneumatic instruments of YATO with success are used through the specialists of many areas of economy. Exceptional firmness and endurance develop inclination YATO to applications in intensive industrial and service terms.
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ACword, spol. s r.o. is a dynamically developing company with mainly Czech capital. The origin of the company dates back to 1991 when it started to develop its own production of industrial extractors and ventilators. With the gradual development of the company its activities were expanded with the wholesale of electrical installation and metallurgical material along with client production of components made of metal sheets. Significant investment into modern manufacturing technologies enable us to satisfy the demanding requirements of our clients in Europe, as well as overseas. At present ACword employs over 50
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Based on 50 years' experience, we develop and produce handheld meters as well as measuring and control systems for moisture measurement. As a market leader for a variety of measuring processes, in addition to high-quality, well-proven technology, we offer you optimal service and individual consulting: QUALITY - MADE BY GANN. Our handheld meters measure every important parameter, including building moisture, wood moisture, grain moisture, air humidity and temperature. Our electronic data loggers are ideal for the long-term monitoring of room atmospheric conditions. In the area of wood drying, a wide range of control systems is available for fresh/exhaust air kilns, from simple semi-automatic to convenient fully automatic systems. For glued wood construction we offer you handheld meters as well as timed measuring systems which are recognized by the MPA (Materials Testing Institution) in Stuttgart.
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Since foundation of our enterprise in 1980 the success of our company is based on three principles: The specialising in the product edge banding machine brings competence and advantageous. Among the standard program we also offer special solutions in the sector molded parts, rebates gluing and angled edges. We understand ourselves as partner of the joinery trade. We 'talk the same language' as we although we have now 50 employees are still a family enterprise. Because of geographic situation of our headquarters in 'Ostwestfalia' we have traditionally close contacts to the local kitchen and furniture manufacturers.
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PILANA TOOLS with its 650 workers is in the process of dynamic development and is one of the biggest producers of tools in Europe. The tools are made of the best-quality steel in accordance with DIN and ISO standards. The quality is closely watched at each production stage. For the highest precision the most up-to-date equipment is used: Laser, CNC grinding machines, CNC milling machines, automatic furnaces and other automatic and semiautomatic machinery.
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In 2010 is being used a modern installation built in 2008/2009 in Trzeciewiec, near Bydgoszcz. The facility of Trzeciewiec is one of the four plants in Poland working for the group ROMANIK S.A. The production program of the plants depends on the circumstances of each one, tradition, experience, technical skills, technology, professional ability and access to raw materials. It strictly constitutes a dependant division of roles from the experience developed through years of expertise. It is an effect of involvement of the group of workers, starting from the board of directors until the lowest level of workers, which constitute the continuation of the history of ROMANIK S.A.
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Продукция марки «Topex» предназначена для любителей, для тех, кто самостоятельно выполняет домашний ремонт. Благодаря постоянно улучшающемуся качеству и привлекательным ценам, к инструментам марки «Topex» все чаще обращаются и профессиональные строители. Заботясь о своих клиентах, фирма создала и развивает лабораторию, в которой инструменты подвергаются тщательным испытаниям на выносливость и качество. Данные характеристики имеют большое значение для малых строительных фирм, так как позволяют поддерживать конкурентоспособные цены на оказываемые услуги, без снижения уровня безопасности и качества труда.
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FRAME – tā ir instrumentu un specializētā aprīkojuma bagāta gamma, kas domāta mehāniskām darbnīcām. Zīmols FRAME piedāvā iekārtas transportlīdzekļu un to konstrukcijas lielgabarīta elementu pacelšanai, instrumentus specializētām mehāniskām manipulācijām, kompresorus un darbnīcu saspiestā gaisa piedziņu instrumentus, metināšanas aparātus un to piederumus. FRAME – tie ir produkti, kas domāti profesionālai izmantošanai darbnīcas apstākļos, kuru raksturo vidējā darba slodžu un intensitāšu pakāpe.
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