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The plant produced the abrasive tools (cut-off wheels, grinding wheels, cutting wheels, flexible abrasives, cut-off discs, polishing wheels), and crucibils.
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VERTO is a choice of power tools and power tool accessories in a popular class, designed for home tasks and small craft jobs. All those who carry out small renovation and building works, woodworking and fitting, will find that VERTO includes tools for drilling, screwing, sawing, grinding, sanding and many other jobs, and allows to work easily with popular building and construction materials. VERTO products are designed for regular use in moderate load tasks, typical for renovation and decoration. VERTO is well accepted among tinkerers who carry out ambitious works at home with no aid. At the same time those tools are perfect for professionals who are looking for simple solutions.
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Смесители Daniel - это не просто милые смесители. Они истинно красивы и восхитительны. Одним лишь своим присутствием они способны внести полноценную атмосферу уюта, красоты и благородства в Вашу ванную комнату. Поверьте, те внешние покрытия, с которыми выполняются смесители Daniel не оставят равнодушными ни Вас, на даже Ваших самых взыскательных друзей. С помощью гальванического и «а-ля old» (состаренного) покрытий Вы сможете превратить Вашу ванную в настоящий королевский будуар. А глянцевые, металлические, созданные под гранит «окрасы» сделают из Вас настоящего современного «пежона», истинного любителя роскоши, качества, дороговизны и достоинства. Вся продукция Daniel сертифицирована и проверенна европейским контролем качества. В наличии сертификат качества ISO 9001 и ISO 14001, которые признаны на национальном и европейском уровне. Эти сертификаты были выданы одним из наиболее авторитетных институтов сертификации Европы – немецким «TUV ESSEN». Компания Daniel ежегодно принимает участие в выставках европейского уровня, дабы подтвердить свое заявление не словами, а делом, точнее, наглядным примером.
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Top Tools

TOP TOOLS is a range of basic hand tools designed for light renovation and finishing-decorative tasks. TOP TOOLS covers the simplest solutions for cutting, sawing, screwing, drilling, bending, driving nails, joining, measuring, plastering, glazing and panel flooring, small jobs with wood and metal. TOP TOOLS products are designed for small renovation jobs at home and allotments. We recommend TOP TOOLS to beginners in tinkering.
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All KRESS tools are made in Germany/Switzerland. From the development stage right through to the after-sales services, only the highest level of quality is sufficient for the professional requirements of our customers. We meet the expectations of our customers every day with every single tool. All processes and components are constantly monitored and optimized.
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TONA, a.s. Pečky was founded in 1892 as an iron foundry. During the following years the range of products gradually changed and after having manufactured agricultural machines and industrial tools, TONA started to make professional tools in the 1950s. At that time the forge was built - it was a decisive step to production program stabilization. Step by step, manufacture of all types of wrenche and spanners was introduced: open-end, combination, ring, hex-key and pipe wrenches. The sets called "Gola" were a part of the production program as well. The company also successfully completed the development of deflecting beam torque wrenches and launched their production.
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Since its foundation in 1949, ROTHENBERGER has been synonymous with developing innovative and technologically ambitious products. Ever since the introduction in 1967 of the revolutionary R-System range which eliminated the need for fittings in pipe installations, ROTHENBERGER has been at the forefront of progressive innovations. Coordinated from the Group headquarters in Germany over 50 ROTHENBERGER companies worldwide with a dedicated network of 1500 employees design, produce and sell in excess of 28 million quality tools every year. Strong financial backing and stable ownership structure coupled with the motivated ROTHENBERGER workforce are the driving force of the dynamic growth of our Group.
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In 1894 London, UK, the London Emery Works Company was founded and manufactured a range of Atlas Coated Abrasives and Emery wheels commenced. Throughout the early 1900's sales of Atlas grew throughout Europe and by 1927 export sales formed 70% of the turnover. In 1931 Atlas Waterproof Abrasive Paper was launched and by '57 the brand had become a symbol of quality and reliability for coated abrasives - with sales in 76 countries worldwide. Its reputation has been built on over the years with the addition of related abrasives products; Cutting-Off and Grinding wheels, Diamond Blades and Bonded abrasives. It's unique that the new product line is created specifically to target the low price marketfor standard commodity products in Industrial Distribution, Automotive Aftermarket, Building and Hardware market.
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WITTE is one of the leading manufacturers of screwdriving tools and the company has been active for more than 220 years. The ergonomic design of the handle elements is the typical successful feature that has woven its way through the fabric of our recent history. As one of the first manufacturers worldwide, we, at a very early stage began cooperating with designers and ergonomics faculties to develop innovations in both shape and materials. This has made WITTE one of the foremost manufacturers in Europe. We intend to maintain and increase this high reputation, both at home and abroad.
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ATLAS Filtri

Founded in the year 1974, Atlas Filtri is specialised in the production of cartridge filters, polyphosphate dosing systems and water treatment appliances for domestic and industrial applications. More than 30 years of manufacturing have made Atlas Filtri the benchmark company for water treatment and filtration solutions in more than 70 countries. The finest, most advanced materials, constant focus on innovative processing Technologies and ceaseless modernization ensure the absolute quality of our products. The long experience of Atlas Filtri and its matchless value for money, Professional advisory services and efficient organization have made it an international leader in the sector: Today the brand has become synonymous with reliability and trustworthiness worldwide. Our MISSION has always been to improve the quality of water and our commitment extends to the markets, to our partners and to end users throughout the world.
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Bahco professional hand tools are designed and manufactured by SNA Europe , company with over 150 years of heritage; strong expertise in innovating and manufacturing the most advanced tools and building long-term partnerships with distributors.
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As leading German provider of pneumatic equipment for industry and trade, we offer flexible solutions for the most varied user groups. From generation, through treatment and distribution to the use of compressed air - our product range ensures fast and simple working and excellent results.
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Vorel represents the largest share of TOYA SA product range. Brand includes hand tools and construction and pneumatic power tools. The distinctive feature of the Vorel tools is a good brand and a wide price range. Vorel has more than 4000 articles, which help to work in the household and DIY shops.
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Bučovice Tools

The manufacture of dies in Bučovice was initiated on 1st May 1963. On that day the manufacture of circular dies up to H8 diameter was transferred to original buildings in the town form Prague - Žižkov. In 1964 the manufacture of tool steel taps up to H8 diameter was also transferred. The manufacture range was gradually increasing. From the very beginnings, the Bučovice premises have been incorporated into Ždánice Tools.
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Today DOLLE-Wohnregale offers the entire spectrum of shelving systems and brackets for wall mounting, skilfully and all-inclusively made by one producer. The range of the materials includes wood, plastic and glass to steel, aluminium and zamak.
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Коллекция «ENYO» состоит из отделочных инструментов, которые используют маляры и штукатуры на протяжении всей работы. Штукатурные шпатели, затирки и миксеры, комплекты кистей, макловиц и валиков, которые имеют удобную цветовую кодировку и делятся на 4 основные вида: BASE, SOLVENT, HYDRO, WOOD для работ с различными клеями и красками. ENYO – качественный и удобный отделочный инструмент по самой лучшей цене.
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The Sola product range includes more than 1,500 articles: spirit levels, rules, folding rules, measuring tapes, set squares etc. up to the very modern electronic laser level. All of these measuring tools are sold under the brand name Sola.
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GRAPHITE is a broad offer of power tools and power tool accessories, created with advanced renovation, building and woodworking jobs in mind. Amateurs and professionals alike will find various solutions in the GRAPHITE brand that are necessary in drilling, demolition, cutting, sawing, grinding and sanding and many other jobs with widely used materials, like concrete, brick, cardboard, gypsum, wood, glaze, ceramics, glass, plastics, non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals and precious metals. Products are designed for heavy use with professional-like loads. That is why we recommend GRAPHITE to demanding tinkerers, who work at home and to professionals, who carry out additional works and basic jobs at moderate loads and intensity of use.
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