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L'Awelco Inc. Production S.p.a. is beyond 30 years engaged to supply to the customers a satisfactory ratio QUALITY - PRICE thanks to the innovation and the technological research. Think global, act local: The continuous testing and reserch and the constant widening of the range, realized by a flexible Company structure, concur us to satisfy many and various customers requirement. ... and we are closer to your needs !!! flexible deliveries, after sale customer care, full range products including mma,mig;tig;plasma, battery chargers and accessories. Aweloc’s distributors grew all around the world thanks to the continuos marketing pushing and promo ideas studied in order to satisfy any market needs. Our Mission: To have the best quality price in the do it yourself and semiprofessional market, being an european producer
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Flexovit markets include thin wheel, coated abrasive, bonded abrasive and superabrasive. Flexovit's world is one of grinding, cutting, sanding and polishing.
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With a 50-year tradition as its basis, AKE ranks among the world's leading manufacturers of circular saw blades and milling tools. We supply our products to well stocked specialized dealers as well as to industry. Consulting and design for customized tool solutions and the production of high-quality standard tools for the most exacting requirements are our specialities. 450 highly motivated employees and a global service and sales network guarantee high quality, a fast response and a very good price/performance ratio. Delivery range: Carbide- and diamond-tipped tools for working wood, plastic and metal. Product segments: Circular saw blades, band saw blades, permanently tipped milling tools, chippers, WP tools, router cutters, drill bits, clamping systems, reversible tips and planing knives.
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Aqua Tank

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Since more than 40 years Aquasystem means reliability and safety in water systems. It has been among the first Italian manufacturers of expansion and surge tanks with interchangeable membranes. Nowadays the production capability reaches 600.000 pieces per year all produced according to the latest technologies and paying attention to the environmental respect. Our efforts range over from a thoroughly research on the best raw materials to the introduction and use of hi tech production processes. On those basis all Aquasystem® product range is PED 97/23/EC compliant and reached all the most important international certifications such as ACS, WRAS and GOST. Moreover Aquasystem is ISO9001:2000 certified by TUV body for the design and production process of expansion vessels and surge tanks
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Durability and reliability, modern ergonomic design, high quality materials – these are main characteristics of tools under the brandname ARES. Hand tools – screwdrivers, pliers, bits and drill bits – are succesfully used by specialists in various industry fileds as well as by DIY handymen. Wide product range, wide price range – in ARES tool collection everyone will find the right tool.
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Качественные и практичные садовые инструменты сочетающие в себе лучшие современные дизайн- технологии, в том числе, специальные конструкции лезвия и рукоятки. Благодаря усиленным креплениям инструменты отличаются повышенной износостойкостью, легкостью и надежностью. Самый большой акцент поставлен на прочность и обеспечение максимального удобства работы с инструментом "ARUNA"
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Die BESSEY Gruppe steht für hochwertigen Präzisionsstahl unter dem Dach der BESSEY Präzisionsstahl GmbH und ist Weltmarktführer für professionelle Spanntechnik und Schneidwerkzeuge. Bessey produziert Zwingen, Scheren, Handwerkzeuge, Scheren, Spannwerkzeuge, Schraubzwingen, Tempergußschraubzwingen usw.
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Replacement seats supplied to us by the company that supplied Cesame so the quality and fit will be the same as the original. We are able to supply replacement flushing systems for most toilets but as the toilet were imported by several different companies over the years and some of these companies used Cesame parts and others sourced their own parts a picture of the inside of the cistern would help us to identify the parts required. We are able to send parts to anywhere in the world so please email us if you require quote for carriage.
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«DeFort» – это гамма качественных замков и элементов защиты дверей. Программа «DeFort» охватывает замки и навесные замки с повышенным уровнем безопасности
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The production of ladders represented by company ELKOP, Ltd. has more than 25 years old tradition. ELKOP belongs between the biggest private companies in a region of central Slovakia. For this long period the company obtained excellent name behind which is hidden a quality and safety of our products in connection with good services and best prices. Thanks to this and also thanks to increasing demand and constant innovations we have reached excellent competitive advantages.
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ERDI - эту торговую марку фирмы BESSEY можно увидеть прежде всего там, где для резки листового металла привыкли использовать эффективный, удобный и изящный инструмент. Известность этой фирменной марки - воплощение знаний, опыта и технических достижений, накопленных производством ERDI в течение семидесяти лет специализации на производстве ножниц.
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EU Santehnika Link

EU Santehnika Link operates as a wholesale supplier of plumbing and heating materials in Baltic States. The Brand was formerly known as Todd Pipe & Supply-Hawthorne, Inc.
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Широкий выбор качественной сантехники, принадлежностей и аксессуаров для душевых и ванных комнат. Современный дизайн и внимание к деталям принесут уют в ваш дом. FALA оправдает ваши ожидания как в качестве произведенного продукта так и в его функционале.
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Shinn Fu Corporation was originally founded as Shinn Fu Auto Supply Company Ltd. by Mr. Michael Hung in 1971 based in Taipei, Taiwan. Shinn Fu has grown into the global leader of hydraulic lifting equipment in the automotive aftermarket. The insistence of producing and offering only the highest quality products has earned Shinn Fu a reputation for exceptional quality in the marketplace.
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Brand FLEXAR offers a wide range of flexible high quality abrasives. Sanding paper for various uses, sanding sponges. Attractive packaging for the retail trade and high quality to satify the most demanding professional.
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Компания "Jonex" была создана в 1988 году в Szczecinku, чтобы предложить клиентам полный спектр электроинсталяции. В начале своего ​​бизнеса компания производила в первую очередь розетки, удлинители. С развитием предприятия постоянно внедрялись новые продукты. в частности, удлинители. В настоящее время, продукты, предлагаемые Jonex пользуются высокой репутацией не только на местном рынке, но и за рубежом. Площадь компании 5700 м2. Для реализации производственного процесса есть два зала и два склада с общей площадью более 2500 м2. По мере роста бизнес компания пополняняется новой техникой, новыми технологиями, необходимыми для производства различных типов и видов продукции. В 2006 году было принято решение начать производство электрических кабелей и соединительных кабелей. Запуск новой линии состоялся в четвертом квартале 2006 года. главную цель в деятельности Jonex является постоянная готовность удовлетворить потребности существующих и потенциальных клиентов. Компания достигла этого за счет использования системы управления качеством, совершенствование реализуется в процессах предприятия и на основе постоянного развития и модернизации машин, а также непрерывного повышения квалификации персонала. Jonex предлагает в течение короткого времени нашим клиентам продукцию хорошего качества по привлекательным ценам.
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The JUCO company has been existing on the basis of family smithery traditions. It was founded in 1985 by Józef Światłoń. Later, the company was taken over by his sons Janusz and Wiesław. Dynamic development of the Company begun at the end of the 80's and it lasts to the present time. At that time, we started the production of several dozen types of hand tools. At present, using the latest technologies we produce over five hundred professionally-made products in many variations. In order to meet the requirements of our customers, we have createdtwo versions of tools: standard and LUX. Goods labelled with LUX are often of higher quality than many of those manufactured by well-known companies while their prices are attractive.
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