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Welding mask

Welding mask

Filtra izmērs: 110x90 mm; apskata lauks: 96x45 mm;
shade control: light states - DIN4, dark states - DIN9-13;
shade control: outer adjustment; sensitivity control: internal adjustment;
switching time: light-dark 1/25.000 (0.04 ms);
delay time: dark-light 0.2-1.0 sec;
UV-IR protection: up to shade DIN16 at all time;
weld/grind mode selection; temperature: -5°C 55°C;
power supply: sollar cells batteries, lithium batteries;
auto-ob, auto-off;
ķiveres materiāls: PP (ugunsizturīgs);
Serial number Parameters In the storehouse Number Price
CIT695959 filtra izmērs: 110x90 mm 11 58.56 EUR
41.16 LVL

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