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Bohle is an international company – with German roots. The products are exported to more than 100 countries worldwide; exports account for approx. 60% of sales. In order to best recognize requirements which vary from market to market, Bohle is close to the customer: with their own companies in Europe, North America and Africa and more than 100 agents worldwide. Under you can enter your country to find the Bohle company or trade partner where you can purchase Bohle products.
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NEO is a wide range of high-class workshops and building tools, designed for heavy loads and high working intensity. NEO offers tools to the most demanding users; tools that are indispensable in workshop and mechanical tasks, joining, measuring, full range of building and decoration works. NEO is also an advanced solution for the transport and storage of tools. NEO manufacturing process includes modern materials and technologies which guarantee durability and reliability. Neo symbol is a warranty for unchanging quality. NEO tools are designed for professionals, who are looking for the upmost durability and quality. This brand is also dedicated for advanced automotive fans who need premium class, reliable tools to go on with their car or motorcycle passion.
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As a leading manufacturer of lubrication and garage equipment technology we operate as your partner worldwide. Since 1910 we have developed and improved range of products. We manufacture 83 million parts and pieces for more than 2500 original products today. Based on our comprehensive range of standard products we offer a customer-oriented solution meeting almost any lubrication requirement of our customers.
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Широкий выбор шлифовальных станков для различного применения. Немецкое качество.
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Ramon Soler

Компания Ramon Soler, представляет, широкий выбор смесителей для ванны, и душа. Рамон Солер, это известный производитель водопроводных кранов. Данная коллекция сочетает в себе дизайн и качество и придает ощущение богатства вашей ванной комнате. Так же вы можете ознакомиться с выпускаемой коллекцией и изучить, ценны на официальном сайте компании. Там же вы можете заказать каталог данной продукции, и определиться с выбором смесителей необходимых для вашей ванной комнаты.
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Company M-CRAFT is offering wide range of construction and electric installation hand tools and consumables, garden tools, personal protection products and indoor / outdoor cleaning products. We offer new complex approach to supplying you with necessary tools.
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HAZET is one of the world leading companies in the field of production of specialised tools for automotive repair industry. Company was founded in 1868 by Herman Zerver in German city of Remscheid. It currently has over 500 people working in company's 3 plants.
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The biggest hose importer in Europe. Our company is professionally engaged in importing hoses of different purposes, such as gardening, agriculture and industry. Since 1992 we are general and exclusive distributor of GUTTASYN-MEISTER PLAST GmbH company for Polish, Ukraine, Lithuania and Czech, and also the agent of Fitt company. We also offer a wide range of high quality garden fittings, tools and sprinklers, GEKA couplings and many other technical products from China and Taiwan. Because of many years of reliable and flexible cooperation with our contractors, is one of the top companies on the market. We are always at our clients disposal and try to satisfy even the most diverse requirements. We have well organized warehouse - 6500m² and distribution system with own transport means.
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Sistemi srl, a company backed by over 30 years of experience in the woodworking, aluminium-working and plastics tool manufacturing industry, specializes in solid carbide router bits, collet chucks for CNC routers, bits for automatic boring machines and distributes its products throughout the world thanks to a network of professional dealers. Sistemi's sales programme also includes cutterheads, HW circular saws, HS and HW knives, measuring instruments for the furniture industry and special equipments for door and window frame makers. The ongoing tests carried out on products, the careful selection of materials and the control of every single stage of the production process mean customers can be sure of receiving reliable and tested products and make Sistemi a dynamic and constantly expanding firm. gQuality, experience and service are the strong points that enable Sistemi to export its products to over 35 different countries and to count among its customers leading machine manufacturers, both in Italy and abroad.
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Широкий ассортимент качественных электроинструментов для использования в домашнем хозяйстве и DIY. Электроинструменты LUND включает в себя: ударные дрели, угловые шлифовальные машины, полировочные машины, многофункциональные электропилы, тепловые пушки, насосы и многое другие. Инструменты LUND испытываются в специализированных мастерских под руководством профессионалов для последующего совершенствования в выпускаемых моделях.
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Клей "Секунда" сделан на основе цианакрилатов, механизм отверждения которых не требует нагревания, использования активирующих добавок или растворителей. Почему же в тюбике клей остается жидким? Дело в том, что в состав моментального клея "Секунда" входят кислотные стабилизаторы, препятствующие полимеризации молекул клея. Благодаря им клей в тюбике всегда находится в стабильном жидком состоянии и в любую секунду готов к работе. Но как только клей нанесли на склеиваемую поверхность, стабилизатор нейтрализуется щелочной средой основы или молекулами воды, находящимися в атмосфере. Происходит полимеризация цианакрилата, моментальный клей "Секунда" переходит из жидкого состояния в твердое. При этом цепочки молекул клея выстраиваются вдоль плоскости склеивания, притягивая к себе молекулы склеиваемых материалов, тем самым обеспечивая сцепление склеиваемых поверхностей.
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Nowadays, our offer includes over 4 thousand items. MODECO means tools and power tools such as power screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, riveters, wrenches as well as cutting, machining, construction and measuring tools. Wide range of products allows everyone to find something useful in our offer, regardless of application and construction. Experience gained in the past 17 years resulted in launching the MODECO-EXPERT tools line for workshops and handicraft works. We have also created tools for do-it-yourselfers – for home use. Our offer also includes internationally recognized brands: RAPID, of which we are the exclusive representative in Poland, and KAUFMANN & SŁOWIK. We are also one of the largest distributors of worldwide known power tools of DEWALT and BLACK & DECKER brands, and accessories for power tools – PIRANHIA.
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Explore 3M, the diversified technology company with leading positions consumer and office; display and graphics; electronics and telecommunications; health care; industrial; safety, security and protection services; transportation and other businesses.
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Full program of garden tools and power tools. Wide range of tools under this brand consist of almost all products necessary in a garden. It is placed in the middle class of products. Brand includes pruners, shears, saws, axes, water program, garden power tools, gasoline tools, spades and rakes.
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Construction hand tools and machines
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