Bench vicesBench vices
Hinged pipe vices
Multipurpose bench vices
Baby vices
Tools for tile treatmentTools for tile treatment
Other articles
Grout removers
Accessories for tiles
Grout removers
Tile cutting pliers
Accessories for tiles
Tile cutting machines & accessories
Floor laminate cutters
Tools for glass treatmentTools for glass treatment
Suction lifters
Glass cutters
Sds masonry drill bits
Masonry drill bits with cylindrical shank
Stepped peeling drills & sets cz tools
Twist drill bits hss-g
Wood drill bits
Twist drill bits hss
Tule and glass drill bits
Hole saw kits
Tungsten carbide hole saws
Hollow drill sets
Bi-metal hole saws & sets
Arbors for hole saws
Drills for glass
Twist drill bits HSS, HSS-G & sets
Twist drill bits HSS-E Co
SDS masonry drill bits X-TIP
Masonry drill bits with cylindrical shank & sets
Diamond core drill bits
Painting scrapers
Abrasive cutting toolsAbrasive cutting tools
Sharpening stones
Spare blades, brushes
Grinding discs
Abrasive discs
Abrasive discs, Abrasive sheets
Accessories, Bufor
Rubber discs, Accessories
Gąbki ścierne
Abrasive mesh
No end abrasive bands
Brushes, knives & files
Wire brushes
Cup brushes
Grinding and cutting-off discsGrinding and cutting-off discs
Stone grinding discs
Stone cutting discs
Metal grinding discs
Metal cutting discs
Flap discs
Stone cutting discs, Bufor
Stainless steel cutting discs
Diamond blades for cutting concrete
Diamond blades for cutting stone
Diamond blades for cutting ceramic tiles
Diamond blades for cutting ceramic materials
Diamond blades for cutting asphalt
Diamond blades for cutting construction materials
Diamond grinding cup wheels
Metal cutting discs
Metal grinding discs
Stone cutting discs
Decoration toolsDecoration tools
Pocket knives
Utility knives
Paint rollers and accessories
Grout & paint mixers
Floating rules
Plaster scrubbers
Cutting tools
Knives & blades, Knives
Knives & blades
Window scrapers
Knives, Knives & blades
Tapes, scotch, tarpaulinsTapes, scotch, tarpaulins
Packing tape dispensers
Tapes, Insulating tapes
Garden bags, Worki, Bufor
Other articles, Bufor
Painting sheets
Building and treatment toolsBuilding and treatment tools
Coal stoves & accesories
Ropes & lines
Buckets, containers
Foam guns
Caulking guns
Construction tools
Measuring toolsMeasuring tools
Ultrasonic distance meters
Try squares
Chalk lines
Plumb bobs
Feeler gauges
Vernier calipers
Plastic folding rules
Wooden folding rules
Measuring tapes
Cutting toolsCutting tools
Pipe cutters
Blades and jig saw blades ultra
Pipe cutters
Punch sets
Diamond rod saws
Jig saw blades
Machine taps cz tools
Tap wrenches & die holders
Circular dies cz tools
Hand taps cz tools
Tap and die sets cz tools
Sds chisels
Countersinks & sets cz tools
Router bits & sets
Accessories for ratchet die stock
Hand taps & sets
Circular dies
Cold chisel & punch sets
Tungsten carbide saws for wood
Tungsten carbide saws for aluminum
Hand and installation toolsHand and installation tools
Steel files
Screw extractor sets
Rasps & sets
Steel files & sets
Number & letter stamps
Woodworking toolsWoodworking tools
Wood carving knife sets
Wood planes
Curving chisels
Wood chisels with wooden handle
Wood chisels with plastic handle
Wood chisels & sets
Router bits
Axes, wedges, axe helves
Hand sawsHand saws
Mitre saws
Cross cut saw
Bow saws
Compass saws
Pruning saws
Hand saws
Saws for gas concrete
Mitre boxes
Hacksaw frames
Bow saws
Hammers, sledge hammersHammers, sledge hammers
Auto body fender set
Soft faced mallets
Rubber mallets with tubular steel handle
Rubber mallets with wooden handle
Rubber mallets with fibreglass handle
Picaxes, Pickaxes
Brick hammers „Juco”
Roofing hammers
Claw hammers
Stoning hammers
Welder’s hammers “juco”
Mechanic hammers „Juco”
Mechanic hammers with fibreglass handle
Mechanic hammers with wooden handle
Machinist hammers
Ball pein hammers & sets
Stoning hammers
Antivibration roofing hammers
Rubber mallets
Dead blow hammers
Nail pullersNail pullers
Hooks “juco”
Wrecking bars
Wrecking bars “juco”
Сhisels with protection handlesСhisels with protection handles
Cold chisels
Cold chisels “juco”
C clamps
Corner clamps
Spring clamps
F- clamps and sets
Speed clamps
Chain locking pliers
Wire strippers
Electrical cutters
Crimping pliers & sets
Self-locking multi grip pliers
Ratchet clamping pliers
Water pump pliers
Heavy duty cable cutters
Electrical cutters
Plastics & cables cutting pliers
Carpenter’s pliers
Heavy duty cable cutters
Steel strap cutters
Ratchet crimping pliers
Tin snips
Figure tin snips „juco”
Bolt cutters
Crimping pliers
Wire strippers
Sets of mini pliers
Circlip pliers
Lock grip pliers
Flat nose pliers
Tower pincers
Waterpump pliers
Carpenter’s pincers
Pliers & pipe wrenches
Water pump pliers
End cutting pliers
Wire stripping pliers
Side cutting pliers
Round nose pliers
Long nose pliers
Bent nose pliers
Combination pliers
Fastening tools
Profile connection & forming pliers
Pliers, 2 colour handle
Combination spanners & sets, polished headCombination spanners & sets, polished head
Combination ratchet wrenches
Torx ring spanner sets
Reversible ratchet half-moon spanners
Flexible ratchet combination wrenches
Non-slip combination ratchet wrenches
Bi-hexagonal ring spanners & sets, satin finish
Combination ratchet wrenches
Half-moon spanners
Rapid spline ratchet wrenches
Flare nut wrenches & sets
Double open end spanners & sets, satin finish
Combination spanners & sets, satin finish
Flare nut wrenches
L-type wrenches
Multipipe wrenches
Combination ratchet wrench sets
Open end swivel socket spanners and sets
Combination ratchet wrenches
Bi-hexagonal ring spanners & sets, polished head
Double open end spanner sets, satin finished crv
Combination spanners & sets, satin finish crv
Combination spanners & sets, polished head
Double open end spanners & sets, polished head
Double open end spanners S.A.E., polished head
Bi-hexagonal ring spanners S.A.E., polished head
Combination spanners S.A.E., polished head
Stubby combination spanners, polished head
Open end swivel head socket wrenches & sets
Double flexible socket wrenches & sets
Combination spanners & sets, satin finish
Sockets, adapters, reversible wrenchesSockets, adapters, reversible wrenches
Impact sockets, CrV
Deep Non-slip impact sockets
Y - type socket wrenches
T-type adapters with rotary handle
T-type deep socket wrenches with rotary handle
Nut setters
Spline sockets
Ratchet handles 3/4”
Sockets 3/4”
Bi-hexagonal sockets
Spark plug sockets
L-type handles
Extension bars with wobble
Flexible handles
Hexagonal deep sockets
Hexagonal sockets
Impact sockets
Deep impact sockets
Impact adapters
Impact bit socket sets
Impact universal joints
Impact extension bars
Deep impact sockets & sets
Impact sockets & sets
Torque multipliers
Flexi shafts
Ratchet handles, Grzechotki 1/4
Ratchet handles with traction belt
Rotary head ratchet handles
Torx socket sets 1/2
Bit sockets & sets 1/2”, 3/8”, 1/4
Flexible ratchet handles
Telescopic ratchet handles
Bit and socket drive ratchet handles
Composite ratchet handles
Torque wrenches
Oil filter wrenches
Spark plug sockets
Wheel wrenches
T-type deep socket wrenches
Speed braces
Sliding t-bars
Ratchet handles
Universal joints
Extension bars
Hexagonal sockets 1/4”
Box end wrenches
Tubular socket wrenches & accessories
Double ratchet wrenches
Pipe wrenchesPipe wrenches
Pipe wrenches, Pipe wrenches
Pipe wrenches
Adjustable wrenches with composite handle
Adjustable wrenches
Chain pipe wrenches
Pipe wrenches stillson type
Adjustable pipe wrenches
Universal pipe wrenches
Adjustable pipe wrenches „juco”
Adjustable wrenches
Adjustable wrenches
Hex keys and setsHex keys and sets
Plastic covered Hex keys
Torx Tamperproof key sets
Hex keys & sets
Hex and torx key sets with plastic handles
Torx & torxttmperproof key sets
Hex key sets
Hex keys
Hex & Torx keys & sets
Hex & Torx keys & sets
Tool setsTool sets
Socket and tool sets 1/4
Tool sets
Bit, socket and drill sets
Socket sets 1/2”
Socket sets 1/2”
Socket sets 1/4”
Socket sets 3/4”
Ratchet die stocks
Socket and tool sets
Tools in PVC trays
Screwdrivers, screwdriver setsScrewdrivers, screwdriver sets
Hex & Torx keys with handle
Socket wrenches with handle
Magnetic pick up tools
Impact screwdrivers
T-bar screwdrivers
Telescopic screwdrivers
Precision screwdrivers sets
Torx security screwdrivers
Screwdriver sets
Philips screwdrivers
Slotted screwdrivers
Two way screwdrivers
Torx screwdrivers
Ratchet screwdrivers
Phillips screwdrivers
Pozidrive screwdrivers
Screwdriver sets, Screwdrivers, 3 colour handle
Go-through screwdrivers
Slotted screwdrivers, Screwdrivers, 2 colour handle
Phillips screwdrivers, Screwdrivers, 2 colour handle
Precision screwdriver sets
Ratchet screwdriver sets, Screwdriver sets
Ratchet screwdriver sets
Insulated slotted screwdrivers
Insulated phillips screwdrivers
Insulated Pozidrive screwdrivers
Insulated screwdriver sets
Slotted screwdrivers
Electric testersElectric testers
Metal and voltage detectors
Digital universal meters
Voltage testers
Car voltage testers
Bits for screwdrivers and accumulator drillsBits for screwdrivers and accumulator drills
YATO NON-SLIP SYSTEM screwdriver bits
Screwdriver bit sets
Torx / hex / spline / torx tamperproof / ribe screwdriver bit sets
Nut setter sets
Torx screwdriver bits
Slotted, philips and torx sets
Screwdriver bit holders
Philips screwdriver bits
Phillips screwdriver bits
Screwdriver bits
Riveted pincersRiveted pincers
Stainless steel rivets
Aluminium blind rivets
Lazy tong riveters
Hand riveters
Hand nut tools
Pneumatic riveters
Staple guns, staplesStaple guns, staples
Staple guns
Staple removers
Extension leadsExtension leads
Cable reels german type
Extension cords german type
Extension cords and cable reels
Cable reels french type
Extension leads
Extension cords french type
Christmas tree extension cables
Extension cords
Hardware, padlocksHardware, padlocks
Door locks
Door peep holes
Safety chains
Bicycle locks
Brass lock cylinders
Brass chrome plated cylinders
Cast iron padlocks
Brass padlocks
Cable ties
Hose clips
Hand Power ToolsHand Power Tools
Diode workshop lamps
Movement detectors
Halogen projectors
Garden extension cords
Stands for power tools
Soldering guns
Circular saws
Jig saws
Hot air guns
Belt sanders, Szlifierki taśmowe
Long-reach sander
Random orbit sanders
Tile cutting machines
Bench and Stationary Power Tools
Angle grinders
Impact drills, cordless drills
Other tools
Glue guns
Workplace organisationWorkplace organisation
Accessories for tool cabinets
Tool boxes
Transportation trolleys
Metal tool boxes
Tool cabinets
Workshop creepers
Plastic tool boxes
Tool bags
Leather tool belts
Workshop tables
Personal propection productsPersonal propection products
Led flashlights
Fire extinguishers
Safety triangles
First aid kits
Knee pads
Dust masks
Goggles and shields
Safety glasses
Tool belts
Tool pockets
Tool bags & knapsacks
Hearing protectors
Working gloves
Disposable dust masks
Welding equipmentWelding equipment
Mma welding machines
Welding goggles and masks
Electrodes and welding wires
Burners and soldering tools
Bathroom accessoriesBathroom accessories
Shower panels
Bathroom accesories
Shower heads
Shower rails
Bathroom&shower sets
Shower hoses
Mixes, faucets
Shower handles
Pop-up wastes
Toilet seats & soft baby toilet seats
Bathroom scales
Oil storageOil storage
Oil filter wrenches & sets
Oil cans
Grease guns and oil transfer pumps
Manual oil pumps
Electric tools for gardeningElectric tools for gardening
Versalite spreader
Soil testers
Electric pressure washers & accessories
Fountain pumps
Submersible pumps
Gasoline chain saws
Other electric garden tools
Electric chain saws
Fine-spray systems
Gasoline brush cutters
Gasoline grass trimmers
Gasoline hedge trimmers
Electric grass trimmers
Electric lawn mowers
Electric hedge trimmers
Tools for auto repairTools for auto repair
Engine diagnostic and adjustment tools, Pullers
Roller stud extractor sets
Spring clamps & accessories
Hand flaring tools sets
Floor jacks
Bottle jacks
Upholstery removers, pullers
Wheel wrenches & wrecking bars
Magnetic trays
Lubrication system tools
Inspection tools
Magnetic pick up tools
Upholstery removers
Fuel feel pipe pliers
Wheel balance pliers
Piston ring compressors
Engine repair tools
Shock absorber nut sets
Fuel feel pipe pliers
Valve core torque tools
Brake system tools
Roller stud extractor sets, Pullers
Oil drain plug sockets
Roller stud extractor sets
Engine diagnostic and adjustment tools
Other articles, Vaseline
Snow chains
Flexible funnels
Scrapers and brushes
Workshop led lamps
Workshop neon lamps
Tire pressure gauges
Battery hydrometers
Booster cables
Battery clamp cleaners
Ratchet tie downs
Tow ropes
Foot pumps
Spray guns
Pallet trucks
Chain blocks
Ball joint removers
Workshop tools, Piston ring kompressors
Spring pullers
Gear pullers
Porta power kits
Scissors jacks
Jack stands
Bottle and floor jacks
Roller cabinets with tools insert
Car window tools
Electric hoists
Hand pullers
Battery chargers & battery testers
Pneumatic toolsPneumatic tools
Air filters, regulators & lubricators
Air sand blasters
Tire inflating guns & heads
Pneumatic hammers
Pneumatic cut-off tools & discs
Pneumatic grinders & sets
Pneumatic ratchets & sets
Impact wrenches 1
Impact wrenches 1/2
Impact wrenches 3/4
Pneumatic nailers & nails
Pneumatic staplers & staples
Pneumatic painting and air equipment
Tire inflating guns & heads
Washing guns
Blowing guns
Pneumatic accessories and hoses
Pneumatic drills
Pneumatic ratchets
Pneumatic grinders
Impact wrenches
Garden toolsGarden tools
Leverage tree pruners
Grass shears
Bulb planters
Fruit pick up tools
Pressure sprayers
Garden hose carts and holders
Garden hoses
Garden sprayers and connectors – plastic
Garden sprayers and connectors – brass
Brushes, snow shovels
Spades and shovels
Trowels, rakes, cultivators
Forks & garden tools
Rakes and hoes
Lopping shears
Hedge shears
Hose connectors, male connectors, couplings, hose menders, hose guides
Hose nozzles (sprinklers) & sets
Hose connectors, male connectors
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